Friday, 20 May 2011

Steve Golding's Millefeuille of raspberry and fraise des bois with vanilla cream

Steve Golding, Executive Chef at Ascot Hospitality, has opened up his recipe book exclusively for the Ascot blog. The last of his creations we reveal is Millefeuille of raspberry and fraise des bois with vanilla cream (Serves 8).

150g Icing Sugar
1 Sheet of Puff Pastry
88 Fresh Raspberries
24 Fraise de Bois (Wild Strawberries)
40 Small Pale Pink Rose Petals
8 Chocolate Match Makers

85g Merri-white Mix
570ml Cold Water
1kg Caster Sugar

Rose Jelly
100g Rose Flavoured Turkish Delight

Vanilla Cream
600ml Double Cream
2 Vanilla Pod
3 Egg Yolk
1 Whole Egg
80g Caster Sugar

Mille Feuille
Roll out a large puff pastry sheet to half its original thickness.
Dust with icing and bake in oven with a tray on top at 160ºc for 15 minutes.
Remove from oven and leave to cool.
Cut into strips 8cm by 3cm and dust heavily with Icing Sugar (2 bars per serving).

Mix together 570ml water and Merri-white on a mixer with whisk.
Slowly stream in sugar until soft peaks are formed.
Place in a piping bag and pipe small dots onto a tray.
Place in hot cupboard or oven set at 65ºc to dry out.
Leave for 12 hours

Vanilla Cream
Separate three eggs yolks, add vanilla and caster sugar and whisk until light in colour.
Heat 400ml double cream until boiling remove from heat and add to the egg mix.
When mixed place back on the heat and cook until thick.
Take off heat and chill.
Whisk 200ml double cream to soft peaks are formed then fold through the vanilla cream base and whisk again until it holds its peaks.
Set to one side until you are ready to plate up.

To serve
Pipe some cream onto plate and place piece of pastry on top.
Quenelle 4 teaspoons of vanilla cream onto pastry leaving gaps for 2 raspberries in each gap so you will use 6 for each one
Pace top sheet pastry at an angle to show off filling.
Quenelle 3 teaspoons of vanilla cream on the plate and scatter meringues and rose jelly.
Place 3 more raspberries and 3 fraise de bois on the plate.
Garnish with rose petals and a chocolate matchmaker.

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