Thursday, 29 March 2012

Q&A With Eve Johnson Houghton The Trainer of The Colts & Fillies Club Horse, Yurituni

We are delighted to announce that our Colts & Fillies club horse, Yurituni will be joining us at Ascot on Sunday 1st April, Countryside Raceday. She will be joined by her trainer Eve Johnson Houghton, who will be on hand to let everyone know what we can expect from her in the 2012 season.

To see Yurituni on Sunday head down to the Colts & Fillies area by the Parade Ring at 1.30pm. We will be giving away free supporter packs* on the day to Colts & Fillies members.

About Eve:

You come from an impressive racing background, did you always know you wanted to be a trainer or did you have another career in mind?

No, I have always loved sport and really wanted to do something in sport, preferably with a gold medal attached, or a sports presenter of some sort. 

What is the best thing about training racehorses?

You are doing something you love, everyday. No day is the same and I get to ride out in the most beautiful countryside instead of sitting in a traffic jam.

And the worst?

Health & Safety regulations and horse injuries

All winners are special but which has been your favourite success and why?

Robustian at Pontefract. He was my 1st ever winner. Also Phluke at Redcar last year. He was 10 years old, had only gone up as a companion to Bling King (who was disappointing) and ended up winning the last over 2 furlongs further than he had ever been before!!

What are you looking forward to most in 2012?

I set the target of having a Royal Ascot winner. I look forward to fulfilling that one!

About Yurituni:

When did you first start training Yurituni?

April 2009. We bought her at the Breeze Up sales at Newmarket for a new owner. She ran 7 times that year and won a big nursery at York and also again at Bath.

What distance are we most likely to see her run over?

6-7 furlongs

Why did you decide to get Yurituni involved with the Colts & Fillies Club?

She is a very consistent filly now owned by the family. She is very sweet natured and will let all the colts and fillies pet her and more importantly, she should run quite a few times and should get in the winners enclosure.

Why do you think it’s important to get the younger generation involved in racing?

I grew up going racing, and it’s a great way of life. It’s a great sport that all the family can get involved with and can give them a lifetime of good clean fun.

What will Yurituni’s daily routine be now she is back in training?

1st thing in the morning she will have breakfast (about 5.30). Then at 7.30 she will go out for her morning exercise which consists of a good warm up, 2 canters and a long warm down. If it is nice weather she will get a pick on the grass and a wash down. She then goes back into her box, has lunch at about 12.00 and then has an afternoon siesta. At 4pm her stable lad comes in and mucks her out and dresses her over. I will look at her at 5.30pm and then she has some supper at about 6pm. If it is very nice weather she may get turned out for a couple of hours in the afternoon.

When do you think Yurituni will have her first run of 2012?

Probably at the end of April, beginning of May

She has won and been placed each season since her racing career began, do you think she will continue her success this year?

I very much hope so!!

The Colts & Fillies Club is free for children age 16 and under and organises activities throughout the year which allow youngsters to engage in horse racing and learn about it in a fun and exciting way.

To become a member please visit or sign up on Sunday 1st April in the blue Colts & Fillies kiosk by the Bandstand Lawn.

*Subject to availability

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