Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Provisional Fixture List for Ascot Racecourse 2012

The planning has already begun for our fixtures for 2012 with the provisional dates outlined below, so get your diaries out and make a note of them! The themes for the 2012 racedays will be confirmed in due course.

Saturday 21st January
Saturday 18th February
Sunday 1st April
Wednesday 2nd May
Friday 11th May (evening)
Saturday 12th May
Tuesday 19th to Saturday 23rd June - Royal Ascot
Friday 20th July
Saturday 21st July
Sunday 22nd July
Friday 27th July
Saturday 28th July
Saturday 11th August
Saturday 8th September
Friday 5th October
Saturday 6th October
Saturday 20th October
Saturday 3rd November
Friday 23rd November
Saturday 24th November
Friday 21st December
Saturday 22nd December


  1. Hi,

    Are any of these days going to be a free raceday, as has been held in the past few years?

  2. Hi NTW, yes we will hopefully have a free raceday which is likely to be on Wednesday 2nd May. We currently haven't had the fixtures and themes confirmed but once we do we will announce the day.

  3. There has usually been a race meeting around the 25th September each year - why did this move? Is this now the 5th/6th October meeting?


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