Tuesday, 16 August 2011

What Ascot Racecourse means to you

Last Thursday it was our 300th Birthday and to celebrate we asked you what Ascot Racecourse means to you. We have had some fantastic entries and we have selected the best quotes which are below.

Congratulations to Jonathon Clements who was the overall winner with this quote. He has won a table for 4 to the 5th Ascot Beer Festival on Saturday 1st October plus some Ascot Tercentenary Goodies.

‘A day at Ascot Racecourse is not JUST about the horse racing. Although the action is always top class the experience is crowned by the 300 years of history, fantastic facilities, a beautiful panorama and a splash of Royalty which makes a day at Ascot the perfect venue for racing enthusiasts, thrill seekers and families alike.’
Congratulations to the following runner ups who have won a selection of Ascot tercentenary goodies:

‘There are few sporting venues that match the history and well-kept traditions as well as Ascot does. From the excitement in the stands as the bell rings for the horses turning for home to the roar of the crowd as the world’s best racehorses cross the line, nothing will get your heart racing faster.’ Joel Brown

‘Ascot epitomises all that is great about British Horse Racing - the brillance, the thrill and the unique atmosphere, all created in a natural amphitheatre by some of the finest thoroughbreds in the world duelling on Her Majesty's own hallowed turf!’ Hot To Trot Racing Club

‘Ascot to me - is a fun, glamorous, friendly occasion in magnificent surroundings. The excitement of the horses thundering down and the roar of the crowd make for a truly memorable day out. My appetite is never satisfied - I always want to come back for more!!’ Carol Phipps

‘I’d always dreamed of going to Ascot after reading a lot of Dick Francis books. When I finally got to go, the only thing that could have made my day better was if I’d seen the Queen. Ascot is a special place; steeped in history, home of the royals and an excellent venue for the King of Sports.’ Rebecca Chapman

'Ascot the home of Hats and Horses, Royals and Races,Champagne and Celebrations. Great Days out and Memories for life.' Twitter follower @PaddockPick

‘Ascot Racecourse is more than just a racing venue. So much more. It brings crowds of people together and injects them with a sense of fun, excitement and feelings of grandeur. With a huge choice of well built and well maintained facilities, you'll always have something to see, do and talk about.’ Craig Bell

Thank you to all those who have entered, stay tuned as we will be having further competitions throughout the year. Here’s to another 100 years!

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