Saturday, 11 August 2012

The Scoring System for today's Dubai Duty Free Shergar Cup

Points are awarded to the first five horses home in each of the six races

1st place……15 2nd place……10 3rd place……7 4th place……5 5th place……3

There are 40 points available per race – a total of 240 points for all six races, plus 4 points for non-runners (see below).

In the event of a dead-heat, each horse will receive an equal share of the aggregrate number of points for that finishing position and the subsequent finishing position.

Horses may be declared as a non-runner up to 45 minutes before each race. In this event, the place on that team will be taken by one of the two reserve horses in racecard order.

If no reserves are available, the team represented by the non-runner and the individual jockey will automatically be awarded four extra points.

If you want to bet on the team competition or an individual jockey in each race visit Ladbrokes based in the Plaza area or on Concourse Level.

To make a note of the scores purchase a racecard from any of the kiosks on the day for £3.50.

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