Friday, 25 March 2011

Our Facebook followers’ reflections of Ascot

Earlier this week, we asked our Facebook followers for their reflections of Ascot, and in particular Royal Ascot in June. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their time – we had some wonderful comments and memories. Here are just some of the best ones...

Lisa Ball Orchard: Because I haven’t been since my daughter was three months old, she’s now fourteen! But, we love the family days in the year as I have five kids and it’s such a good value day out!

Simona Quaresima: When you get down from the train to Ascot you just enter the city of horses. And when in that moment you look at your boyfriend it's just like the first time a kid enter the playground. He is the portrait of the happiness in his city of horses.

Emma Patterson: A great excuse to dress up and make a noise as your horse romps past the winning post!

Beau Caiger: To put the Bookies into administration!

Sam Rook: Jumps has the Cheltenham Festival, the flat has Royal Ascot, but this show is like no other!

Sue Barlow: I'm looking forward to it [Royal Ascot] because I'll get some peace! My daughter's 11 and obsessed with horses and the Royal Family. Royal Ascot is her idea of heaven, and she's been getting more and more excited for the last few weeks.

Carly Richardson: I'm looking forward to it as the Jump season is now coming to an end so I get to see Frankie in action again..... ♥ love going to Ascot as it’s our time off from working at our National Hunt yard so a big crowd of us go for end of season day out :) xx

David J Colbran: Looking forward to the excitement at the off, the wind, the crowd cheering, the faces, the bookies and their boards, the winning and losing and most of all getting close to the horses and feeling the ground vibrate as they rush past - magic!

Paolo Figini: Royal Ascot host the best races in the world and a great organisation. Amazing to hear all these different languages.

Dee Osmond: I travel every year to Royal Ascot from Northern Ireland and have done so for the last twelve years. I even went four years ago with a broken ankle! Ascot has the X Factor as far as racecourses go.

Lindsey Tomlinson: Yearly incentive to remove the boots and overalls and enter the world of racing at Ascot; Fashion, Pimms and the singing by the bandstand.

Les Taylor: I was born a bit too late to see Brown Jack win any of his Royal Ascot races but I have seen some of the other great ones, but this year will be something special.

And a beautiful poem from Debra Caunter to end with:

Oh little horsey with no name,
Being at Ascot is a betting game.
I'm coming there in May and June,

Roll on the summer cos it's coming soon.
Horses racing past the winning post,
That's when I celebrate my winnings with a champers toast.
Ascot is the place to be,
So enjoyed by friends, family including meeeee!

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