Monday, 4 April 2011

The 'My Kingdom for a Horse' Exhibition at Royal Ascot

Internationally renowned photographer, Alistair Morrison, will be producing an exhibition of photographs to be displayed at Ascot Racecourse, commemorating its historic tercentenary landmark in 2011. The exhibition, titled ‘My Kingdom for a Horse’ aims to showcase the acclaimed photographer’s images depicting scenes around The World’s Most Famous Racecourse.From the fashion and tradition of the Royal Meeting, to the stewards, stable lads, jockeys and racing lovers, the series of photographs are a reflection of the diverse characters that have made Ascot such an institution in British culture. This definitive collection records and celebrates the heart and soul of Ascot Racecourse in its 300th year. Alistair Morrison said: “My Kingdom for a Horse has been a project of commitment and passion, working closely with Ascot Racecourse for the last three years, to create a collection of photographs which depict all facets of character and life at this famous British establishment. From the power of the horse, the splendour of the fashion and the thousands of visitors welcomed through the gates, it all makes the racecourse unique and colourful yet still manages to hold onto and complement its all important traditions. “Working from early morning to late at night the new grandstand can be quiet yet still provides me with so many memories. First to arrive are the kitchen staff with their trolleys full, then the jockeys and their horses begin to familiarise themselves with the course and soon follow the TV crews and reporters practicing their introductions. As the mass of visitors arrive, the excitement and the anticipation of a great day fills the atmosphere. The tradition, the hats, the dressing up, it all makes for a very special day out which I have enjoyed capturing in this unique project.” The exhibition can be viewed during Royal Ascot in the marquee named My Kingdom for a Horse and around the grounds throughout the year. With over 80 photographs in the Trustee's Collection at The National Portrait Gallery, London, Morrison is considered one of the foremost photographers of the last three decades, with photographs ranging from great icons of yesteryear like Sir Laurence Olivier, Sir Peter Ustinov and Sir Alec Guiness; influential politicians Baroness Thatcher, Henry Kissinger and Hillary Clinton to figures of today such as Dame Helen Mirren, Kate Winslet, Jude Law and Tom Cruise.

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