Thursday, 30 May 2013

#AscotAsks Sasha Wilkins, Fashion Tips And Trends For #RoyalAscot

Sasha Wilkins in New York by Jackie Dixon

1. What fashion advice would you give to men going to Royal Ascot?
I’ve never met any man who doesn’t look extremely good in a well cut suit. Although the Silver Ring doesn’t have a precise dress code, those who look best are always those who make an effort. For those in the Royal Enclosure who are hiring a morning suit, do make sure you try it on beforehand: badly fitting coats ruin the look!

2. How did you get into fashion and blogging?
I started out at British Conde Nast, the home of Vogue, as second assistant to the editorial director (I make a very good cup of tea). When I moved to Manhattan in 2007 I started a daily online diary, which evolved into my now full time job of running LibertyLondonGirl

3. How do I make my outfit stand out from the crowd this year?
Colour! Black is definitely to be avoided. I covered Ascot fashion for the BBC for four years and the people who always looked and photographed best wore colours like bright pink, yellow and orange. If you don’t like brights on your body, go for neon coloured shoes or bags. And, of course, a great hat!

4. Which style of hat do you prefer?
I’ll be lucky enough to be in the Royal Enclosure this year, which means my hat base has to be bigger than 6cm, so I've ordered a quite a large navy blue circle with flowers underneath, that perches on the front of my head, from milliner Edwina Ibbotson. Think satellite dish!

I do like a spotted net veil too, given half a chance. New online hat rental service The Hat Club has some really good Ascot options this year.

5. What should I take as outerwear if the weather is unpredictable?
A brolly is your best bet. It’s rarely that cold at Ascot even if it is pelting down. I take a fine cashmere shawl that can fold up into nothing, and a stylish cream pagoda umbrella. Why ruin your look with a folding black umbrella!

6. What are the key colours for this season?
I always say choose what suits you: yellow is key this season, but it’s a tricky colour if you are milk bottle pale like me. Better to be stylish than fashionable.

7. Are flats or heels best for a day at the races?
I’m a fashion editor: I’m always going to say heels! But, please, NEVER platform stripper heels. Nothing looks worse than girls who can’t walk in their shoes. If you can’t face a 4” stiletto like me, then there are lots of mid height heels around this season, and I've been known to take a pair of those clever tiny folding ballet flats in my bag for the walk to and from the station – which is a good ten minutes, and impossible in anything higher than 3”.

8. If you’re on a tight budget, how do you ensure you still look great?
Immaculate grooming: lovely clean shiny hair, painted nails and toes, and a bright lipstick – red for brunettes, orange for blondes, either if you have darker skin. And do wear a hat: they aren't all expensive, try renting or check out Stephen Jones’ wonderful new collection of hats for Designers at  Debenhams

9. Finally, what are you most looking forward to at Royal Ascot 2013?
The designer Suzannah has made me the most beautiful navy silk prom dress to wear on Ladies Day, and I cannot wait to wear it. I would also like to not lose any money with the bookies!

To find out more about Sasha Wilkins, visit her interesting blog LibertyLondonGirl.

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