Wednesday, 15 May 2013

#AscotAsks Martha Ward, Key Fashions And Trends For #RoyalAscot

1. Have you got any advice for what colours and patterns are in season this year?
We go through multiple shades each season, but right now it’s all about pinks & reds. And there’s always a place for neutral shades. Print wise - florals of all varieties are big this season, as is snake print.

2. What do you advise this year, flats or heels? And if you can’t wear one of these?
Rather brilliantly it’s all about the flat this season. And kitten heels are all the rage too. Hooray for the ladies!

3. If you’re on a tight budget, can you suggest how to look fabulous?
The high street in the UK is so completely brilliant that dressing on a budget is really no difficulty. Some of my favourite dresses are from H&M and Zara and people still exclaim surprise. My advice is to steer clear of fabrics that look synthetic (i.e. shiny), and too tight or too short never helps, so try and go more classic in style; and to accessorize well - necklaces etc - as that often makes something appear more high end.

4. What size of bag do you suggest for a day at the races?
Although a clutch might be the natural suggestion, the reality is that you need your hands for drinks, bets, and cheering at the finishing line, so I always encourage a ‘hands free’ bag -  i.e. one that has a long-ish strap so that it can sit on your shoulder, or across your body. And not too large or it overtakes the outfit.

5. Is it better to stick with seasonal trends or stand out from the crowd?
Sometimes seasonal trends will MAKE you stand out from the crowd! So don’t be too steered by what’s hot and what’s not. Be comfortable, and if it happens that you are partial to a floral or to red, and that’s the hottest thing right now, then so be it.

6. Can you suggest what to wear to look sophisticated when you are expecting?  
I think empire cut for a bump is a very elegant look. And if it’s a normal dress then you can create the empire line effect by belting loosely just above the bump.

7. How did you get into the Fashion world?

Kind of accidentally actually. I was working at Conde Nast, as magazines was always where my interest lay, and a job came up at Tatler, so I applied for it (with the lovely Natalie Massanet and Kate Reardon) and was offered it, and it was like a duck to water!

8. We all know what the British summer is like, what’s the best way to cover up from the elements in style?
I love a longer sleeve on a dress, so I’d go for that option as there are never any guarantees on weather.  Then you don’t have to worry about outerwear. Or a long line coat over a dress is a very elegant look.  I personally prefer that to a short jacket.  Unless it’s a skirt and top, then a jacket is preferable. Rules rules! Actually, there are no real rules in my book.

9. What are your thoughts on his and hers matching outfits? 
It reminds me of Posh&Becks circa 2000, so I’m veto-ing that look I’m afraid.

10. Finally, what are you most looking forward to at Royal Ascot 2013?
Seeing the lovely Royal Ascot team first & foremost! And pulling out my prettiest outfits to wear, as it’s one of the few occasions when you actually can (and must) do so. I love being a Lady on Ladies Day! Make the most of the dress code I say.

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