Sunday, 25 December 2011

Congratulations To All Our Winners!

Ascot Racecourse would like to say a massive thank you to all the kind companies who have donated prizes throughout this festive period. We would also like to say congratulations to all our winners; we hope you all enjoy your prizes! And thank you to every single person who has entered the advent calendar and shared it with your friends.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all!

Day 1 Prize Winner is Cheryl Davies from Hereford.

Day 2 Prize Winner is Sarah Carne from Southampton!

Day 3 Prize Winner is James Rowlands, from Plymouth.

Day 4 Prize Winners are Paul Green from Wisbech and Dawn Spooner from Peterborough.

Day 5 Prize Winner is Kelly Jo Walters from London.

Day 6 Prize Winner is Rebecca Chapman from Reading.

Day 7 Prize Winner is Wendy Bailey from Essex.

Day 8 Prize Winner is Kris Bates from Bedfordshire.

Day 9 Prize Winner is Mandi Moore from Hampshire.

Day 10 Prize Winner is David Garlant from Hampshire.

Day 11 Prize Winner is Carol Wright from Surrey.

Day 12 Prize Winner is Zoe Spinner from Essex.

Day 13 Prize Winner is Kerry Burchell from Lewes.

Day 14 Prize Winner is Barbara Charlish from Sandhurst.

Day 15 Prize Winner is Scott Stanton, Kent.

Day 16 Prize Winner is Andrew Baldwin from Halifax.

Day 17 Prize Winner is Alan Ryder from Watford.

Day 18 winners Jane Roberts from South Yorkshire and Joel Brown from Bedfordshire.

Day 19 Prize Winner is Lee Worsfold from Wiltshire.

Day 20 Prize Winner is Jack Milne from Huddersfield.

Day 21 Prize Winners are Kerry Burchell from Lewes who won the £250 bet plus a fleece. The runners up are who each win a fleece are Stewart Finkle from Staffs, Stephen Grist from Ascot, Vanessa Cox from Bucks and Karen Carter from Wars. Congratulations!

Day 22 Prize is Winner Ralph Roberts from N. Lincs.

Day 23 Prize Winner is Jackie Humphries from Oxon.

Christmas Eve Winner is Rosemarie Heyes from South Gloucestershire. Congratulations!


  1. Thank you Ascot and companies happy New year to you all

  2. OMG!!!!!!! what a crimbo present!!! thank you!!! Rosemarie Heyes xxxxxxx

  3. Thankyou ascot racecourse for a great 24 days of fun and of course it is even better when you win on day 22 happy new year to all


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